Consumer Product Design

From Concept and Prototype to Patent and Production

Throughout my career, I have developed the concepts for manufactured consumer products. While keeping my clients’ objectives in the forefront, I focus on the user experience and combine art and engineering while creating style and function for the end product.

The typical duties of a professional consumer product designer (industrial designer) include:

  • Research who will use the product and the various ways it might be used
  • Sketch out ideas or create blueprints
  • Use computer software to develop virtual models of different designs
  • Examine materials and production costs to determine manufacturing requirements
  • Work with other specialists to evaluate whether design concepts will fill the need at a reasonable cost
  • Evaluate product safety, appearance and function to determine if a design is practical
  • Present designs and demonstrate prototypes to the client for approval

Industrial Designers imagine how consumers might use a product and test different designs with consumers to see how each design looks and works. They often work with engineers, production experts and marketing specialists to find out if their designs are feasible and apply their colleagues’ professional expertise to their designs.

Consumer Products


Sport Helmet
Designed and developed working prototypes evolving from the inside first for best possible fit to outer shell aesthetics. Project involved providing all necessary plastic and soft goods designs and patterns for manufacture.

Drink Holder
Self-initiated project designing and building a working “Cartender™” prototype for the car. Vacuum formed ABS and fabricated plastic.


Gumball Bank 1
Motorized bank concept that dispenses gumballs as coins are dropped in. Responsible for complete package layout and creating a working prototype.

Fertilizer Spike Tool
Developed from rough client concept to promote ease of placing fertilizer spikes for trees and bushes. Charged with complete part and assembly layouts, on to steel fabrication of a working, finished prototype.


Adjusting Tree Stand
Responsible for design and development from a rough conceptual idea. Created multiple working, finished prototypes for trade show and sales efforts.

Mini Garden Hose Reel
Prototype development from concept illustration. Design of all part and assembly layouts including even wind mechanism to maximize inner housing space. Fabrication of finished, working prototypes for trade show and sales efforts.

Development of client concept providing final prototype and all necessary drawings and patterns for vendors. Porcelain sphere, casted bronze hands and solid maple base.

Confection Bank
Motorized bank concept that starts when coins are dropped in, disperses candies and shuts off. Developed from initial concept, to package layout, on to a working prototype.

Confection Dispenser
Self initiated project developing a mechanically entertaining way of dispensing confectionaries.

Air Flow Demonstration Display Units
Design and development from initial concept to finished prototype for trade show and points of purchase. Displays demonstrate air flow differences between new polymer filter design and currently used paper filters via flaps and corresponding lights on the left, and a floating spinner on the right.


Gumball Bank 2
Incorporation of multiple concepts moving and dispensing coins and gumballs. Project involved illustrating and creating a working prototype and all CAD files for rapid prototype and tooling.

Swag Template
Development of client concept for a quick and easy way to create swag window treatments. Surface data used to create negative mold from which a pour in place foam prototype was produced.

Alternator Housing
Generation of CAD model as per client specifications for permanent mold tooling.


Laser Tag Sets
From concept illustrations, to package layout, to working trade show prototypes. Vacuum formed, fabricated and molded plastics.

RC Robot
Package layout of articulating trade show model developed from rough client concept. Sculpted and painted foam with rigid plastic chassis complete with rolling treads, lighted visor and shooting chest cannon.

Laser Gun Studies
Sculpted, finished and painted urethane foam studies from client profile sketch.

Little Tikes Projects
Responsible for all prototype stage development from concept sketches and illustrations.
Sit and Spin Whale, Push Car, Vacuum Cleaner, Flip Flop Truck, Washer / Dryer, Dishwasher / Blender

Vacuum Form Machine
Design and development of client miniature vacuum former concept that creates Matchbox size car bodies from plastic. Generation of trade show models and all necessary part drawings for manufacture.

Strange Changers
Revival of late 60’s toy that compresses heated radiated plastic characters into a coin, which, upon reheating, pop back to their original shape. Finished trade show prototypes designed and built to include all up to date UL and child safety standards.

Industrial Design for Consumer Products.