Step Eight: Product Supplier Sourcing

At this point, clients will generally begin looking at licensing agreements with various manufacturers within the industry. Ideally, your patent has been filed and, in a perfect world, already issued.

Here is when rubber meets the proverbial road. You’ll have a finished prototype, CAD package and Bill of Material – equipped with everything required for production quotes from suppliers and manufacturers.

I am able to provide recommendations to clients, upon request, for sourcing components from various regional, national and international manufacturers, as an industrial designer, this has been my life’s work.

Once you receive cost estimates and production quotes, you’re ready to generate your full-scale business plan. If necessary, we can factor in different aspects of product design in order to scale your business, such as possible concessions that might need to be made in order to improve cost effectiveness.

If these reconsiderations need to be implemented? I’m here for you in every way to provide prompt support and solutions-based troubleshooting.