bringing creativity and a unique perspective to each project


Industrial Design and Product Development

Each project benefits from a seasoned, methodical approach allowing clients to actively participate in the development process.  This collaboration plays a key role assuring project deliverables effectively capture all design intents promptly and efficiently.  Whether large companies, independent inventors or entrepreneurs, I take on all types of product design at any stage of development.  From prototype to production, over 30 years of industrial design and product development drives success in every project.  Providing product development services in a timely, cost effective manner is my goal.

My industrial design and consumer product development experiences include innovative solutions for a vast array of industries. In addition to contributing proprietary value, the solutions that I'm proud to be a part of, compile a store of knowledge for new product innovation to draw from.

My professional career as an industrial product designer has given me a unique opportunity to experience the inner workings of intellectual property, patent research and drafts. Protecting your idea isn’t an afterthought for me. It’s how we’ll begin with the end in mind.

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If you're too grounded when beginning a design, you chance finishing with ordinary and cliche.  An extremely unique approach can always be reeled back in.

Paul (me) February 21, 2017

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