Work with an Experienced Product Designer

Versatility in Design Solutions Fueling New Innovations

My industrial design and product development experiences include innovative solutions for many different product industries. In addition to contributing proprietary value, these solutions also compile a store of knowledge for new product innovation to draw from.

This brief gallery of projects provides a glimpse of the design and engineering skills available.

An all sport helmet designed to maximize fit and comfort while surpassing ASTM safety standards.

A motorized bath brush featuring a soap dispense system and a multi-angle head to which brushes and pads attach.

An electric toothbrush featuring reloading toothpaste cartridges and head dispensing system.

A multi-positional quad wheel massager for chiropractic level relief of muscle knots and tension.

A Christmas tree stand featuring 360 degrees of adjustment to straighten at any position upon foot pedal press and release.

A compact tabletop heat exchange system designed to accommodate a series of body pad configurations for hot or cold therapeutic relief.

A garden hose reel featuring an even wind up mechanism to accommodate maximum hose length and a custom mist-to-stream nozzle head.

An all-inclusive motorized shoe polisher featuring touch free shoe polish cartridges/ applicators, rotating low speed applicator cleaning brush and high speed buffing brush.

Custom design for an alternator cover that allows a hybrid build between manufacturers.

Design of a golf ball dispensing system made for placement at golf driving ranges. Features a gravity fed, fully mechanical metering gate that dispenses golf balls one at a time.