Case Study – Garden Hose Reel


Garden Hose Reel


  • Initial exploration and development of a handheld compact garden hose reel which eventually led to final development of a hand operated unit due to weight and target cost constraints
  • Development of a robust, cross helical even wind mechanism to maximize the amount of hose capacity stored within the housing
  • Hands-on machining, fabrication and testing of the even wind components and assembly
  • Hands-on creation of vacuum form patterns on through to part forming and fabrication of exterior housing components
  • Design engineering of a multi-functional spray nozzle tip starting from an off/storage position, a fine spray mist for watering fragile houseplants and herbs on through to a full power stream with suitable volume to wash a car
  • Finished fabrication of a fully functional show-ready prototype for testing and marketing presentation purposes
  • Developed during my tenure at a Cleveland design firm