Step One: Aesthetics + Discovery Meetings

Our journey begins with discovery. We’ll explore your vision, the goals of development, and the scope of your project. This determines anticipated deadlines and costs. Together, we’ll factor in everything that influences your desired product function and aesthetic goal: aligning our ideas to eliminate costly surprises during later development.

We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that your idea is protected and we can have honest conversations. You’ll present sketches, photos, mock-ups, or any other material that helps illustrate your idea, and its merit or potential, for exploration.

Creatively, we’ll brainstorm together so that we can best determine how to move forward. I’ll immerse myself in the fine details of your project: its scope and goals, your vision and concerns, down to the nuances of intellectual property patents and copyrights.

Ensuring a comprehensive first phase helps make sure the next phase is targeted to your unique objectives.