Step Ten: QA Testing; Final Evaluation

Here’s where we dial-in any lingering aspects of development goals. We’ll look at ensuring all expectations -aesthetic, functional, operational and financial- are met and on-target.

Suppliers provide first sample shots of manufactured parts and assemblies for your evaluation, prior to running high volume orders. So, you’ll see first-hand what you will actually be sourcing from the manufacturer. It’s the best time to use your critical eye, to closely evaluate every aspect and detail so that the final order comes in as expected.

I’m brought back into the loop to help support your evaluation from a technical standpoint, and I can help provide direction or feedback, as to any potential issues that might need to be addressed – specific to the manufacturer. Often, we see that parts and assemblies are put through the same rigorous testing as in Step Seven, especially when clients choose reputable suppliers.

When all is perfect? You’ll approve the full-run of your product, and mass production begins for consumer reception.